Yellow Topaz Ring design 1

Yellow Topaz Ring design 1

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Yellow Topaz Ring
Gemstone of planet Sun<><><> Empowers Solar Plexus Chakra

Yellow Topaz increases mental clarity, optimism in life and heightens intelligence.
Helps heal indigestion and cures ailments relating to liver and liver and intestine.
Creates tranquil and positive energies , helps deepen meditation and attracts good luck, prosperity, wealth and success.
It helps reduce, anxiety, fears, dullness and increases self-confidence, hope,liveliness,couage and makes an individual flexible and tolerant.

Astrolgy grade Precious Gemstone-Unheated, Untreated- 5ct.
Ring in Sterling Silver- Adjustable. Energised Yellow Stone of high quality.
Wear on right ring finger only for full results.
Alternatively you may wear this as a bracelet on right wrist/upper arm.

Comes with Certificate, Full information and instructions.
Any question please email to or call 3013651111.