About Us

We are devoted to helping you regain balance & experience your awakening

Inspired by our belief that we can all manifest these positive aspects in our own lives, our mission is to provide guidance, counseling, and of course our well wishes in these regards to people in all walks of life. We have been providing our services to individuals and communities all over the world for the past twelve years, in person, by phone, and electronically. And, in turn, our days have been filled with immense satisfaction that our clients are able to change their lives as evidenced by daily messages of compliments and gratitude.

Rishi Hans is certified Aura Chakra consultant and RRST (Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy)  specialist. He is a certified Master in Reiki healing. Additionally, Mr. Rishi Hans and Good Luck have worked in the local area for over 18 years serving with more than simply spiritual products but rather the knowledge and healing that is shared. In addition to consultations, healing, and product offerings – Rishi Hans has continually offered yoga classes, mindfulness/meditation workshops, and chakra courses.

Meet Good Luck

One of our core strengths is our deep knowledge of spiritual products and their correct usage . We are known for quality assurance and are a part of network that extends across 24 countries well known for powerful jewelry with Rudraksha and Gemstones besides Yantras, Vaastu items, and other spiritual products for amazing results.

Rishi Hans

Reiki Master, Certified Aura Chakra & RRST Consultant

Shashi Hans

Vastu & Feng Shui Consultant