Aura Chakra Healing & balancing

In a nutshell the 7 Chakras are the seats or centres of the following key aspects of life.

MULADHARA (ROOT) CHAKRA– Seat of Stability & SupportS
WADHISTHANA (SACRAL) CHAKRA– Seat of Identity & Creativity
ANAHATA (HEART) CHAKRA– Center of Unconditional Love & manifestation of desires
VISHUDDHA (THROAT) CHAKRA– Seat of Knowledge,Wisdom & Expression
AJNA (THIRD EYE) CHAKRA– Seat of Intuition & Perception
SAHASRARA (CROWN) CHAKRA– Center of Enlightenment

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Tune Into Abundance through MULADHARA CHAKRA

Root Chakra provides the foundation for the journey of life through the physical body. A way to take charge of your career, money mindset and sense of belonging.When the Root chakra  is open , clear and balanced a feeling of abundance comes and  positive aspects  of chakra appear in Career/ Personal life, wealth and assets. Vitality, Activity, sexuality. Power, Strength.

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Build Your Self-Esteem through SWADHISTHANA CHAKRA

Sacral Chakra is the Dwelling Seat of Self. Connecting with yourself helps you create an environment of your choosing. You are able to experience and reflect your uniqueness and your creative abilities. You achieve success in all spheres of life: Personal and Professional, when you honour yourself. You lose self-esteem when traumatic incidents in your life have made you lose control..

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Unleash Your Power through MANIPURA CHAKRA

Your Seat for power is your Manipura chakra which is located on the Navel. This is your Center  of dynamism, energy, vitality, will power , achievement and warmth in your personality.You are born to be the lustrous Gem-“Manipura”. This is  Chakra  of   Transformation,  the Chakra which gives you the Power to transform your life.


Manifest your desires through ANAHATA CHAKRA

Fulfilment of your desires is the basic purpose of your birth. You are born as the Creator of your destiny. Blockage of the Heart Chakra due to mistrust, doubt and fear obstruct your natural ability of creation. The blockage is the cause of blood pressure, heart diseases and breathing/circulatory problems. Now open yourself to love and be loved by all through Heart Chakra.


Communicate Your Way To Success through VISHUDDHA CHAKRA

Communication is essential to get success in every sphere of life. Communication forms a part of your self-concept, and it helps you understand yourself and others, solve problems and learn new things, and build your career.The challenge of the throat chakra is to develop skills to interact and turn situations in your favor. This is your Centre of Creativity, Willpower, Wisdom and Freedom..

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Open Up To Your Higher Intelligence through AJNA CHAKRA

Through your Third Eye Chakra you see to say “I am wise “. The sacred truth of the sixth chakra is Seek Only the Truth. It compels us to search continually for the difference between truth and illusion, the two forces present at every moment. This centre empowers our attitude, beliefs, memories, and the overall character of our rational mind. The power of this chakra governs whether..

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Tune to Fulfilment, Luck and Wealth through SAHASRARA CHAKRA

We tune to luck and fulfilment when we Tune to contentment. When you are grateful, you are in a high energy vibration that attracts more things to be grateful for. Everyday stresses of life and disappointments block our Crown Chakra and we start doubting the very source of our existence. The blockage causes migraines, skin diseases or depression...

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