Yellow Sapphire Ring

Yellow Sapphire Ring

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Yellow Sapphire
Gemstone of planet Jupiter<><><> Empowers Throat Chakra

Yellow Sapphire enhances one’s intelligence, wisdom, communication skills and brings forth his unique qualities. It brings success and profits in business & industry; promotion, raise & approbation in service; economic abundance and all comforts and luxuries in life. It results in fulfillment, benevolence, longevity & good health.

Astrolgy grade Precious Gemstone-Unheated, Untreated- 5ct.
Ring in Sterling Silver- Adjustable. Energised genuine Yellow Sapphire of high quality.
Wear on right middle finger only for full results.
Alternatively you may wear this as a bracelet on right
wrist/upper arm.

Comes with Certificate, Full information and instructions.
Any question please email to or call 3013651111.