Blue Goldstone energy stone

Blue Goldstone energy stone

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Blue Goldstone - Stone for Empaths
Chakras-Heart & Crown
Astrological Signs: Sagittarius

Blue Goldstone is blue in colour with tiny glittery bits. Infused with copper sparkles - a powerful energy generator.
Blue goldstone is a lucky gemstone. Great for providing composure.
Aids transformation of thoughts from one person to another. And is good for stabilizing emotions. Blue goldstone is good for giving energy. Helps remove or repel unwanted entities from your environment. Blue goldstone is the gemstone of wisdom and science, helping us remember the light within the darkness and showing us to reach for the stars. Good for lifting depression. Eases pain of arthritis, rheumatism and other aches and pains. Great for anxiety. Helps with pain and inflammation.

Your energy stones should be cleansed and recharged regularly for the best healing effects of the stone. The best way to cleanse and recharge the stones is to place them on Selenite plates/bowls or triangular selenite stick grid . For more information please visit Selenite section.

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A-grade/Tumbled, size-medium, Cleansed & Charged.
Two or more stones come with a pouch.