Black Tourmaline Pendant

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Black Tourmaline Rough Natural Pendant

Black Tourmaline- Protection, Purifying, Grounding
Chakras: Root
Astrological Signs:Capricorn

Black Tourmaline is a very purifying and protective stone on all levels. An excellent aura cleanser, as it both repels and transforms negative energies. It is so good at this, that it is said to repel radiation and appears to help if placed in front of computer monitors. As is common with black stones, it is an extremely effective base chakra cleanser and grounding stone. "As a protective stone against "spells" which are cast by the negative side of another, it is a special stone to Native American Indians; black tourmaline in quartz not only dispels the "spell", but energizes the "victim" and actually increases well-being. It acts to stimulate the reflex points associated with the lower back. It can be used in the treatment of arthritis, dyslexia, heart dis-ease, anxiety, and disorientation. It can also provide for both the stimulation and the balancing of the adrenal glands.