Vastu & Fengshui consultation

Get yourself expert consultation (Online) on remedies for Fengshui , Vastu dosha/defects, energized Vastu products and rectifying Vastu dosha for home and office.

Let Shasi Hans Fengshui/ Vastu expert guide you for the best.

Consultation process :

Step 1: Once the consultation is booked and the mentioned details are submitted, for better understanding of the issues faced and benefits sought you will be provided with a questionnaire on email to fill and return

Step 2: In the next step our expert will connect with you through a video call (Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp) to have a better understanding of the house, surroundings and placement of various elements and aspects

Step 3: Using the information a detailed Fengshui &  Vastu report will be prepared and sent to you with the below components:

  • Floor Plan mapped with 8 Zone Directions
  • Floor Plan mapped with Vastu Purush
  • Floor Plan mapped with Chakras of Vastu Purush
  • Floor Plan mapped with Colour Chart
  • Direction Wise Analysis
  • Remedies for the Dwelling

Step 4: Finally the  Vastu experts will again connect with you on call to explain various aspects of the  Vastu report, issues or Vastu defects in your construction (if any) for each direction and recommendations to rectify the same. You will also receive unlimited email support for follow ups and clarification of any queries.
We provide Fengshui- Vaastu consultation for residential as well as non-residential spaces like offices, coworking space, shops, boutiques etc.