Tune Into Abundance through MULADHARA CHAKRA

Root Chakra provides the foundation for the journey of life through the physical body.  A way to taking charge of your career, money mindset and sense of belonging.

The lesson of this chakra is self-preservation : I have a right to EXIST.

Located at the base of the spine , Muladhara chakra  governs Adrenaline gland and grounding energy.

Muladhara chakra controls Spine(Chi, life force), Legs, Feet, Bones, Teeth,Tailbone, Large Intestine, Prostrate, Bladder, Blood circulation.

Four petal  chakra when spins at its frequency with seed sound of Lam, it filters Red color energy into the chakra.

Associated sense is smell and being also associated with material aspects of life , people with too much material drive may seem to have a  pointed nose.

When the Root chakra  is open , clear and balanced  positive aspects  of chakra  appear as

Stability in Career/ Personal life, wealth and assets, Vitality, Activity, sexuality. Power, Strength.

What causes the Root chakra blockages ?

Living in fantasy world, constant feeling of not having enough  money or fear  to run out of money and not supported.

Anger of the past, Fear of deadlines, Afraid to let go, Feeling burdened, Terror of abandonment, rage from hurt or anger, Guilt, Sexual pressure, Numbness, Hypocrisy, Uncertainty regarding money and the future, Inability to flow with life, Holding onto old ideas, Untrusting of life, Lack of integrity or courage or convictions, Blaming others, Deep hurt, Longstanding resentment, Deep grief, Carrying hatreds, Tension.

Because of conditioned and entangled in these limiting beliefs the chakra gets stressed and starts showing negative aspects of the chakra which include one or all of the following-

Mental lethargy, Spaciness, Incapable of inner stillness.

Anxiety, emotional instability, Feelings of isolation.

And the chakra is not able to manifest to meet the demand  but there is a constant demand of everything in everybody’s life . 

 When the chakra gets overstressed , it may become dysfunctional or closed down and thus start showing up in physical  body as  disease.  One or more of the following symptoms are signs of blocked or dysfunctional  Root Chakra.

Pain in legs/feet/ knee/bones. Varicose. Sciatica ,Obesity. Lower back pain. Anemia, Fatigue. Numbness, Cold  Body Temperature. Constipation, Anus, Rectum , Prostrate related problems. Leukemia. Sexual disorders. Frequent urination, Glaucoma, Hemorrhoids 

Many hard core addictions such as alcohol, sex and drugs, twisted perception of sex  are because of a dysfunctional  Root chakra.

If you find any symptom of a blocked Root Chakra or if Chakra is not in alignment with other Chakras- You need help!

Your Muladhara Chakra may need Healing, Cleansing and balancing to show all its positive aspects.

With Aura Chakra Healing sessions with Rishi Hans and by following his recommendations

Your Chakras are vibrant, Healthy, Harmonious & Balanced again.