Tune into Abundance through Muladhara Chakra- Workshop


Wealth is your natural birthright. But most people are not aware about the reasons for struggles, delays, obstacles and obstructed wealth flow in their lives. Chakra Yog connects you to the endless supply of wealth by tuning into the Natural source. 

In the workshop, learn how to:

  • Release Struggles, Obstacles, Lack 
  • Achieve Support, Stability, Health
  • Find freedom from wealth worries
  • Activate Muladhara Chakra for the proper flow of energy
  • Know Rudraksha Ratna Solutions for Muladhara Chakra 

Date: 12th March, 2023, Sunday

Time: 9am to 12 pm

Venue: Address will be informed over email post registration

Fee: $40

Speaker: Rishi Hans

E-mail: rishi@goodluckstoreonline.com

Phone: 301 - 365 - 1111