Open Up To Your Higher Intelligence through AJNA CHAKRA

Through your Third Eye Chakra you see to say “I am wise “. The sacred truth of the sixth chakra is Seek Only the Truth. It compels us to search continually for the difference between truth and illusion, the two forces present at every moment. This centre empowers our attitude, beliefs, memories, and the overall character of our rational mind. The power of this chakra governs whether we are fair and open-minded or judgmental and limited in our capacity to consider new ideas is a manifestation of how we direct the power of this chakra. Blockage of this chakra causes confusions, poor decision making and results in sinus and headaches. Now open up to your Higher Intelligence through Ajna Chakra..

In this healing session, you will learn how to:

✅ Have a clear perception of reality

✅ Connect to your deepest wisdom

✅ See through illusions created by Maya

✅ Clear and activate Ajna Chakra through guided instructions

Harness the power of Heart Chakra for empowerment and manifestation.

Now open up your life of wisdom and higher intelligence through Third Eye Chakra Healing session with Rishi Hans.

There are two primary choices in life: 

to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them

Ajna means “to know” or “knowledge”. Also called Agya which means “command” or “obey “.

AGYA CHAKRA IS MASTER CHAKRA & commands activities of other chakras.

The lesson of this chakra is to see the big picture. The gift of Ajna chakra is seeing -both inner and outer worlds.

Ajna gives the ability to see the unseen, know the unknown and hear the unheard 

The "way of the third eye" is seeing everything as it is from a point of "witness" or "observer", or from simply being mindful - moment by moment. This is where you not only see what you see, but you also understand what  you see. It is your PERCEPTION CENTER , COMMAND CENTER & Seat of the Soul.

Located at the center of two brows it is cosmic browser. Ajna Chakra  governs Pineal gland  and controls Eyes, Nose, Ears, Sinuses, Cerebellum, Pineal, Forebrain, Autonomic Nervous System, Heals Etheric body/Aura 

The third eye chakra is associated with the  psychological and behavioral characteristics like Vision, Intuition, Perception of subtle dimensions and movements of energy, Psychic abilities related to clairvoyance and clairaudience especially access to mystical states, illumination, Connection to wisdom, insight, Motivates inspiration and creativity

When Ajna  Chakra  is open , clear and balanced  it shows  positive aspects of chakra  as-   Good  decision making , Manifesting desires. Intuition. Success, Clarity of thoughts & emotions. Vision. Psychic abilities., High Ethics

Reasons for blockage of Third Eye Chakra can be any of the following-

Crossed purposes, Stony unforgiveness, Feeling overwhelmed, Rejection, Stubbornness, Isolation - Not wanting to be bothered, Anger - Too much turmoil - Can't cope, Blacking out, Incorrect beliefs, Dislike of being driven, Anxiety, Struggle, Self-centeredness, 'Yes, but' attitude, Lack of joy, Flighty, Scattered thinking, Invalidating the self, Self-criticism, Jammed channels of communication, Difficulty in planning the future.

Because of these limiting beliefs the chakra gets stressed and starts showing negative aspects of the chakra which include one or all of the following- Obsessed with perfection. High ego. Violent anger. Fear in decision making. Manipulative. Dependence.

When the chakra gets overstressed, it may become dysfunctional or closed down and thus start showing up in physical  body as  disease. One or more of the following symptoms are signs of blocked or dysfunctional  Ajna  chakra- Vision problems. Blindness. Headaches, Migraines  Earaches. Nightmares  Sleep Disorders. Fear Nervousness. Manic depression. Anxiety. Schizophrenia. Imbalance.

If you find any of these symptoms of a blocked ‘Third Eye Chakra’ or  Chakra  not in alignment with other Chakras - You need help! 

Your  Ajna Chakra may need Healing, Cleansing and balancing to show all its positive aspects.

With Aura Chakra Healing sessions with Rishi Hans and by following his recommendations

Your Chakras are vibrant, Healthy, Harmonious & Balanced again.