Manifest your desires through ANAHATA CHAKRA

Fulfilment of your desires is the basic purpose of your birth. You are born as the Creator of your destiny. Blockage of the Heart Chakra due to mistrust, doubt and fear obstruct your natural ability of creation. The blockage is the cause of blood pressure, heart diseases and breathing/circulatory problems. Now open yourself to love and be loved by all through Heart Chakra.

In this 60 minute session you will learn how to:

✅ Release mistrust, hurt and doubts

✅ Learn to trust, love and achieve fulfilment

✅ Know how Law of Attraction truly works

✅ Clear and activate Anahata Chakra through guided instructions.

Harness the power of Heart Chakra for empowerment and manifestation

Now fulfill your life through “Manifest your desires through Heart Chakra ” Healing session with Rishi Hans.

There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.  -Dennis Waitely

Heart Chakra is the Seat of manifestation of your desires. The secret of manifestation is that you do not attract your desires by what you think but by what you feel .Everything is vibration and you attract those  things that  you are in vibrational resonance with. Your vibration is your feeling. Feeling is perception of emotion. Emotion is energy and energy attracts like energy according to the law of attraction.

✅ Love at the very essence is an emotion.

✅ Love is the highest level of energy that exists.

With this love energy freely flowing without any obstruction or blockage create feelings in resonance with the feeling of presence of what you desire.

And thus your true Desires are manifested.

The element of the Heart Chakra   is air which is  formless and largely invisible yet you can feel its presence, Soft and gentle and can freely move. So too is love.

Associated with sense of touch and  feel, Twelve  Petal  ANAHATA chakra  is  the chakra of unconditional (anahata means unhurt, unstruck, unbeaten) love energy. Heart is the place of giving and receiving unconditionally

Located between the center of the breast bone  & the middle of the thoracic spine( 5th thoracic vertebrae) the Heart Chakra when spins at its right frequency with seed sound of ‘Yam’  it filters green color energy into the chakra.

When the   Heart chakra  is open , clear and balanced  positive  aspects of the chakra appear  as- 

Love. Healthy relationships. Acceptance.  Care. Devotion. Healing. Compassion. Peace. Forgiveness. Generosity. Fulfilment of Desires.

The chakra is no more  Anahata  and  lacks  flow  of unconditional  love energy  if the chakra  is  blocked because of hatred , bitterness or limited beliefs. Some of the reasons of it being blocked are- Difficulties in giving or receiving, Desperate, Tired of life, Fear, Smothering love, Unable to breath for oneself, Feeling stifled, Feeling of heartbreak. Feeling attacked by life, Feeling 'they are out to get me‘. Suppression of tears, Intense sadness, Grief, Hopelessness, Despair.

Because of these limiting beliefs the chakra gets stressed and starts showing negative aspects of the chakra which include one or all of the following- Grief, feeling of neglect, loneliness, Depression, Obsessive love. Anxiety, Lethargy, Indecision, Passiveness.

When the chakra gets overstressed , it may become dysfunctional or close down and thus start showing up in physical  body as  disease. One or more of the following symptoms are signs of blocked or dysfunctional   Anahata chakra-Breast Cancer, Circulation problems, Fatigue, Heart Diseases, Immune Disorders, Lungs, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Chest Congestion, Influenza, Functional heart conditions, Asthma, Cough, Difficult breathing, Shortness of breath, Pain in lower arms and hands, Hyperventilation, Allergies, Sleep disorders, High Blood pressure. Addictions such as sugar cravings, wine and smoking are related to the Heart chakra.

If you find any of these symptoms of a blocked  Heart  Chakra or  Chakra  not in alignment with other Chakras- You need help!

Your  Heart Chakra may need Healing, Cleansing , balancing and alignment with other chakras to show all its positive aspects.

With Aura Chakra Healing sessions with Rishi Hans and by following his recommendations, your Chakras are vibrant, Healthy, Harmonious & Balanced again.