Build Your Self-Esteem through SWADHISTHANA CHAKRA

Sacral Chakra is the Dwelling Seat of Self. Connecting with yourself helps you create an environment of your choosing. You are able to experience and reflect your uniqueness and your creative abilities. You achieve success in all spheres of life: Personal and Professional, when you honour yourself. 

You lose self-esteem when traumatic incidents in your life have made you lose control, brought dishonor, failure or disharmony. 

Blocked Chakra causes lower back pain and affects kidneys, muscles, intestines and sexual organs. or within, through your fully balanced and empowered SACRAL CHAKRA.

In a 60 minute session with Rishi Hans you will learn how to

✅ Release fears, negativity

✅ Realise self-potential

✅ Form fruitful and joyful relationships

✅ Control your environment

✅ Clear and activate your Sacral chakra through guided instructions.

Harness the power of Chakra for empowerment and manifestation.

Now realize the Creator within to experience and enjoy all your uniqueness , creativity and joyful relationships through Sacral Chakra Healing Session with Rishi Hans.